What we offer

With our local services, we can provide comprehensive solutions for gas turbines and other turbomachinery. We always strive to improve the efficiency and reliability with our solutions.

  • Supply of gas turbine components for hot gas path, compressor and consumables
  • Refurbishment of gas turbine components with technologies developed by Sulzer
  • Remote monitoring and equipment condition prognostics
    • Inspections and field services
    • Reverse engineering
    • 24/7 technical support 

Equipment we serve with global expertise

Our many years of working with turbomachinery and the competencies in our engineering centers allow us to fulfill specific customer needs. Gas turbines serviced by us are quickly back in operation and are running successfully. We service almost any model and make.

New parts manufacturing

  • Siemens: V94.2 (ver. 3-7), V64.3A, SGT-600
  • GE: Frame 6F/9E
  • Rolls-Royсe: RB211, AVON

Field services

  • Siemens: V94.2, V64.3A, SGT-600
  • GE: Frame 6F/9F/9E
  • Alstom: GT13E2
  • Rolls-Royсe: RB211, AVON

Components repair

  • Siemens: V64.3А, V94.2, V94.3A, SGT-200, SGT-600
  • GE: Frame 5/6B/6F/9F/9E/
  • Alstom: GT13E1/E2
  • Westinghouse/MHI: 101/191/501D/701D
  • Hitachi: H-25
  • Rolls-Royсe: RB211, AVON
  • Zorya-Mashproekt: DJ-59, DG-90, DN-80

Sulzer Turbo Services Rus LLC

Sulzer Turbo Services Rus LLC is the biggest Independent Service Provider (ISP) for the repair and maintenance of energy gas turbines in Russia. With localized competencies and teams to provide field services, we also operate the first service center in Russia for the refurbishment and production of gas turbine parts. It is located in Ekaterinburg and our customers have full access to long-standing experience and expertise within our global network of service centers and benefit from our own technologies. With a full portfolio of services, we gained a strong position amongst the market leaders.
Sulzer Turbo Services Russia - Your local gas turbine service provider

Our main customers and partners

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