Sulzer Technical Review Issue 4 / 2018

Sustainable processing with COX™ ProFlow™ dispensers

October 10, 2018

You need a lot of strength in your hands to do rock climbing, but not to operate our dispensers. The latest COX™ ProFlow™ dispensers are powerful yet compact and suitable for smaller hands. The one-component manual dispenser is durable and offers superb ergonomics. ProFlow is flexible in use, and you can switch between sealants easily. These two variants are available for the Asian market only — a dispenser for cartridges or a combi version for cartridges and sachets.

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Beverley McFarlane Sulzer
Author: Beverley McFarlane, Hungerford, United Kingdom

The COX ProFlow dispenser is designed and built to meet the most rigorous requirements. Its strength, efficiency and, above all, versatility make the ProFlow the go-to tool for semi-professional and do-it-yourself users. The Sulzer engineers in Hungerford, UK, have developed an easy-to-operate tool with many smart functions. No matter what size your hands are, no matter how strong you are, you will be able to use the ProFlow with ease.

No drips, no lost material

Each ProFlow dispenser has a built-in switchable pressure relief device (PRD). This PRD instantly creates a limited return on the drive rod as soon as trigger pressure is released (Fig. 1). The PRD thereby releases the pressure built up in the cartridge or sachet and stops "flow-on." Therefore, the ProFlow is essentially a non-drip system. Besides saving filling material, you benefit from clean hands and a clean floor as well.

Features for easy operation

Thanks to its compact design and its epoxy-coated cast-aluminum handle with smooth trigger operation, you benefit from maximum comfort and efficiency (Fig. 2). The lightweight, anodized aluminum barrel is corrosion resistant and durable. Designed for longevity, the dispenser can be used for a long period of time and thus contributes to sustainability as well.

ProFlow cartridge dispenser

The strength of U-formed steel profiles is well known in the construction industry. The epoxy-coated, U-opening rotating steel frame adds substantial strength to the tool and allows for ease of cartridge insertion and removal. The one-component manual dispenser for 310 ml cartridges is designed for use with low-to-medium viscosity sealants and adhesives. Sulzer has also thought of all those who like to keep order in their workshops — the curved rod end creates convenient tool storage (Fig. 3).

ProFlow Combi dispenser

With the ProFlow Combi dispenser, you need only one dispenser for different filling systems. It gives complete flexibility to switch easily between cartridge or sachets. The one-component combi dispenser can be equipped with cartridges or sachets in different sizes (310/400/600 ml). Whether to use low-to-medium viscosity sealants or adhesives, the dispenser is suitable for both materials. The threaded endcap allows simple access to the barrel for insertion of materials but also provides a secure fixing while the dispenser is in use (Fig. 4).

The ProFlow manual dispenser provides users with a versatile tool that satisfies numerous demanding dispensing applications. It is designed to be robust and durable whilst remaining a comfortable and efficient tool in use. Matt Lyndon, Head of Engineering Sulzer Mixpac, Hungerford, United Kingdom

COX applicator product range

Sulzer Mixpacs COX and MK™ dispensers are the market-leading brand for handheld sealant and adhesive dispensers. In combination with Sulzer Mixpacs strong position as a technology leader and system provider, we offer a complete product range of mixing, dosing and application systems (Fig. 5).

Übersicht über die Produktpalette von COX Dispensern
Fig. 5 COX applicator product range.


The ProFlow has been designed to meet the needs of the construction industry, providing solutions for interior and exterior applications. The COX ProFlow offers dispensing solutions for all application needs, including bonding, crack repair, roofing, sealing, surface repair and waterproofing (Fig. 6).

Hauptanwendungsgebiete der COX ProFlow Dispenser
Fig. 6 Application areas of COX ProFlow.

Specifications of COX ProFlow

  • Lightweight dispenser: 0.64–0.84 kg / 1.4–1.85 lbs
  • Maximum thrust: 2.0 kN
  • Mechanical advantage: 10:1
  • Tool component approval: Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) EU regulation
  • Customized version on demand
  • Warranty up to one year
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The COX ProFlow offers dispensing solutions for all your application needs. Under the Sulzer brand PC COX focuses on innovation and product performance, and is a global leader in the design and production of handheld sealant and adhesive dispensers. More information under

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