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Sulzer steam engines from last century
November 2019

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In 1919, we published our first customer magazine reporting on our products, developments and technical insights, and providing an important source of information for our customers and business partners. After a century of publication in magazine form, the Sulzer Technical Review will do what Sulzer has always done: reinvent itself without nostalgia to continue to lead the way. The stories and the insights will remain, but the format will change. In a world where our customers and partners are in constant contact with us, we will use Sulzer’s many digital channels and agile digital formats to bring you the gospel faster and better. We will continue to inform you whenever new articles are published on We look forward to the next century of a more interactive and faster paced STR articles with you, our loyal readers.

Cover of the first Sulzer Technical Review from 1919.

A 100 years of knowledge transfer

How does a company like Sulzer succeed in asserting itself on the market for over 185 years and continuously creating innovative products? What influence does the transfer of knowledge have, and how does the curiosity of employees influence knowledge transfer? What will the knowledge transfer of the future look like? Read more
4500 BHP Sulzer pumping set with centrifugal pump, motor-generator and turbine.

Innovative pumps for 185 years

Did you know that Sulzer manufactured its first water pump in 1834? The newly founded Sulzer Brothers company developed a complete fire extinguisher including hose and pump. Thinking ahead and setting innovative standards – this has been Sulzer’s motto for 185 years.
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Historic Feldschloesschen brewery in Rheinfelden Switzerland with Sulzer steam engine.

Customer oriented and reliable — Sulzer services

Right from the start, Sulzer realized that customer loyalty is based on good service as well. In 1834, Sulzer delivered a fire extinguisher including a pump to the city of Winterthur. This sale included regular service after each fire.
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Historic process technology laboratory with operator for product tests for customers.

Chemical process technology since 1946

As early as 1946, Sulzer focused its development activities on the production and upgrading of heavy water. Sulzer set up a special laboratory for distillation in 1958 and thus laid the foundation for today’s Chemtech division.
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Two operators with historic COX dispenser applying material

Precise application since 1956

New materials and new areas for use call for the development of new application processes and discharge systems to optimize handling. Already in 1956, we launched applicators on the market. The establishment of the Applicator Systems division in 2016 shows how important this innovative business has become for Sulzer.
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Bowhead whale with baby whale in the sea. Source: Fotolia

A billion heartbeats

The Sulzer Technical Review is very proud to be able to look back on 100 years. In honor of this occasion, we examined the maximum lifespans of various plants and animals — and discovered some incredible facts along the way.
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