Sulzer Technical Review Issue 1 / 2016

“Service is our life”

March 16, 2016

Sulzer offers service for rotating equipment, pumps, and separation technology all around the world. This global network’s biggest strength is its committed and highly qualified service staff. Read what three of them experience in their jobs.

Service Staff from Sulzer

Rodolfo Amezquita, Mexico:

“With my team, I carry out large tower field service projects for the downstream and chemical industry in Latin America. Our latest project was a large turn-around of a refinery in Ecuador. We performed an extensive refurbishment of two catalytic units and were fully responsible for all the equipment: towers, heaters, exchangers, fin fans, piping, and drums. We even did some civil engineering by building a small overhead walkway in one of the units. The biggest challenges in this project were the lack of local supplies and equipment as well as the coordination of over 1000 workers. We had to find vendors in larger cities to meet the demands of the project. We coordinated the employees by dividing the work by units and tasks. Lead supervisors were responsible for the day-to-day tasks and updating their progress daily. The customer especially acknowledged that this project with a magnitude of more than 400000 man-hours was successfully finished without a safety incident. For me, it’s really a fascinating job to plan and execute such large projects.”

Christof Przybille, Germany
Christof Przybille, Germany

Christof Przybille, Germany:

“In Germany, we have a network of 15 service locations with 200 employees in total. As General Manager, I can carry out new ideas with my team. Flexibility is the most important thing in service because there are new challenges every day. I enjoy that we are currently exploring new areas and expanding our portfolio. We now offer our customers maintenance and repair for a full range of rotating equipment—not only for pumps but also for other machines like steam turbines and turbocompressors. We work closely with Sulzer’s service team in Rotterdam who are experts for steam turbines and compressors. Having a single service partner for all equipment is a great benefit for many companies. A good example is one of our current projects for a sugar refinery. We have already taken care of their pumps for many years. Recently, we found out that the company had trouble with a steam turbine that generates power from the produced steam. We carried out a retrofit of the steam turbine and increased the power generation significantly. The return on investment was only half a year.”

Marc Wang, China
Marc Wang, China

Marc Wang, China:

“My job is aftersales service for water pumps and mixers, and I am specialized in troubleshooting, failure analysis, and finding solutions. Recently, we solved a challenging case at a wastewater treatment plant in Nantong. Trouble had occurred with the mixers, and some of the propellers even had broken blades. I visited the site several times to examine the equipment and consult with the experts on site to find the root cause of this emergency. It turned out that the narrow shape of the anaerobic tank caused unbalance in the hydraulic flow distribution around the propeller. It also created high turbulence during operation. As a solution, we changed the position of the mixers to reduce the unbalance in the turbulence force. Our R&D department designed a reinforced version of the propeller to replace the standard components. After the modifications, the vibration dropped to normal range level, and no propeller damage reoccurred. This project shows how essential it is to work closely together with the people on site. A good partnership is the secret of success.”

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