Our main services

Pumps are in the heart of almost any process and need regular maintenance and overhaul to run reliably and continuously. We offer solutions for Russia and the CIS states for many industries with the key industries being oil and gas, power generation incl. nuclear and renewable power generation, water, pulp and paper and general industry.

  • Repair and refurbishment of Sulzer and non-Sulzer pumps
  • Retrofit of existing pumping systems
  • Spare parts and reverse engineering
  • On-site engineering studies
  • Performance inspection
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Emergency services
  • Field service
  • Tailored engineering solution
  • Digital solutions

Two companies to respond to all your needs

We have two legal entities that provide pump services to the Russian market: Sulzer Pumps Rus LLC and Sulzer Pumps JSC.

Sulzer Pumps Rus LLC is headquartered in Moscow with offices providing sales, tendering and engineering support to our customers. Our Moscow Service Center is located in Chernaya Gryaz providing expert pump services using the latest maintenance and repair technologies in our shop or on your site. We can offer services for all industries including the power generation and oil & gas industries. We also service the CIS countries with an office in Azerbaijan.

Sulzer Pumps JSC is headquartered in St. Petersburg providing pumps and services for the water, pulp & paper, chemical, metals, and general industries. With our service center in Ekaterinburg and our skilled workforce we provide on-site overhauls, installation and commissioning work, machinery diagnostics, troubleshooting and much more. Our office in Kazakhstan will help you with your pumping challenges in the CIS countries.

Top management for Sulzer Pumps Rus LLC

General Director – Arnold Van Sinderen

Head of Pump Services Russia & CIS – Ivan Arsenyev

Sales Director – Denis Pestov

Finance Director – Anna Paleeva

HR Country Manager – Irina Vasilieva

Director of Moscow Service Center – Vladimir Ageev

Top management for Sulzer Pumps JSC

General Director – Alexey Zviagin

Ekaterinburg Branch Manager – Maxim Gnetov

Kazakhstan Branch Manager – Andrey Zverev

Finance Director – Anna Paleeva

HR Country Manager – Irina Vasilieva

Customer Support Service Manager – Yuri Ploschansky

Your contact

Sulzer Pumps Rus LLC

Phone: +7 (495) 363 24-60

ул. Николоямская, д.15

109240 г. Москва

Sulzer Pumps JSC

Phone: +7 (812) 324 74-27

Гражданский пр-т, д.11

195220 г. Санкт-Петербург