Establishing preventive safety culture with Sulzer’s Safe Behavior Program

Sulzer aspires to excellence in occupational health and safety. We continuously increase our efforts to empower all employees to act safely, and aim at zero accidents. At Sulzer, we live the “safety comes first” principle.

To achieve a mature safety culture, Sulzer has had its Safe Behavior Program (SBP) in place for five years. The program is designed to foster a team-oriented approach to safety. It focuses on developing safety leadership as well as employee empowerment. The program is an important enabler of Sulzer’s aspiration to reduce the number of lost time accidents to fewer than one lost time accident in one million working hours. Raising awareness for safe behavior and developing skills is key for us.

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Effective, applicable, and pragmatic people development

We recognize that people development is not only critical to ensuring employees have the necessary knowledge and skills to do their jobs; it also drives employee satisfaction and company commitment. Hence, we provide effective, applicable, and pragmatic development opportunities. Our goal is to build an even stronger high-performance culture where contributions and results are valued and rewarded.

Appreciating cultural diversity and exchange

Sulzer welcomes a diverse workforce. People of different cultural backgrounds, nationalities, genders, and ages collaborate and share ideas across the company. Through job rotation programs, internships, and temporary relocations, we foster cultural exchange. We also believe in a speak-up culture and encourage our employees to communicate openly.

Assuming ethical responsibility

Sulzer values and fosters performance. We also remain deeply committed to personal responsibility, integrity, and ethical behavior. Every employee signs our Code of Business Conduct. The company’s compliance training sessions and Code of Business Conduct refresher courses ensure that our employees are fully aware of their individual ethical responsibilities and that they act accordingly

Employee safety is a priority for Sulzer. To foster a best-in-class safety culture, Sulzer launched a corporate-wide initiative in 2012 called the Safe Behavior Program. The video "An excellent day" features core behaviors of the program: observation, intervention, and responsibility.
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