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December 19, 2018

Get to know more about the latest news from Sulzer and upcoming events.

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Save energy with the HST 30 high-speed turbocompressor

The HST 30 is the newest addition to the HST™ line of high-speed turbocompressors. It offers more flow and pressure at a significantly higher efficiency than its predecessors. This translates into big energy savings by low-pressure air compression in water treatment and industrial processes.

HST 30 high-speed turbo compressor.
HST 30 high-speed turbo compressor

Typical application areas for HST30 are aeration of water, wastewater or other liquids, flotation by air, supplying air to combustion processes or desulfurization. To find out how to save energy and money with HST30, please visit Detailed research on compressors was done in cooperation with a Finnish university to achieve this energy reduction. To learn more about the research, read the Sulzer Whitepaper 5/2018.

Edward Paro, Kotka, Finland

Virtual reality showroom for column internals

A picture says more than a thousand words. A detailed 3D image creates even more clarity. That’s why Sulzer has developed the Sulzer VR Column Internals app as a virtual showroom for its column internals solutions.

VR column internals app symbol and QR codes for AppStore and Google play

Using only the app, without virtual reality glasses, you can move from display to display as in a live exhibit. Visit eight interactive product displays to get the latest information on Sulzer’s column internals range. Download the free app by clicking or scanning the QR codes for iOS or Android.

MinMin Tan, Singapore

Sulzer’s electromechanical services expanded

Sulzer acquired Brithinee Electric, a leading independent electromechanical service provider in Colton, CA, United States. Last year, Brithinee recorded annual sales of about USD 10 million with a workforce of 46 employees.

Employees in electromechanical service
Sulzer’s electromechanical service network is expanded in Southern California, US.

Through this acquisition, Sulzer expands its electromechanical services business into Southern California and extends its ability to serve the Californian wind, cement and water markets with established offerings and customers. Founded in 1963, Brithinee offers electromechanical repair services, remanufacturing, redesign, upgrades, and modifications, as well as custom electric control panel systems.

Claudia Pröger, Winterthur, Switzerland

Getting the vision of opinion leaders

Collecting market needs and developing new ideas is the basis for market-driven products. Sulzer Mixpac has an international network of dentists called opinion leaders, and has collected ideas from four regions around the globe for future Mixpac dental products.

In 2018, an international team of 20 dentists shared their knowledge with Sulzer, being part of the development process. They provided insights into a dentist’s needs and daily challenges. To emphasize the value of their input, Sulzer has now created a new Dental Competence Center. The dentists — each with different expertise — involved in this center hold lectures, conduct market analysis, or lead workshops at dental trade fairs for Sulzer.

Opinion leader meeting in Zurich, Switzerland.
Opinion leader meeting in Zurich, Switzerland.

International or local needs and trends?

To differentiate between global and regional needs or trends, the product managers at Sulzer Mixpac conduct international market analysis and make use of the input of all opinion leaders around the globe. In the last six months, Sulzer Mixpac has organized four events to meet opinion leaders in four different regions: USA, Brazil, China and Europe. During these events, the dentists discussed hot topics in their region and future trends of dental products. The successful events provided new ideas, which our development department will implement into our product portfolio in the future.

Mariella Devrient, Haag, Switzerland

Webinars and upcoming events

If you missed our webinar on “Challenges of Maintaining Rotating Equipment for Onshore and Offshore Platforms” you can find it online.

Click see our webinar list and the recordings. 


Click to see the webinar “Keep Aging Gas Turbines Competitive with Coatings and Material Upgrades”.

Sulzer booth at exhibition.

Sulzer takes part in events, exhibitions and conferences around the globe. Please check our event calendar to stay informed. For more details please visit

Winner trophy in gold.

And the winner is …

 Lee Manson who is currently working as an electrical design engineer at EDF Energy in Glasgow, UK — although employed by the recruitment company Rullion. He won our contest and will receive an Apple Watch Nike+ soon.

EDF Energy is an energy company in the UK, supplying around 5 million accounts with electricity or gas. They produce around one-fifth (20%) of the nation’s electricity. EDF Energy employs over 13’500 people across the UK — from Torness in Scotland right down to Exeter in Southern England. As the largest producer of low-carbon electricity by volume in Great Britain, EDF Energy believes in a decarbonized future and is committed to support the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

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+ + + Sulzer Mixpac continues successful enforcement of Candy Color™ trademarks. + + + Sulzer’s BLUE BOX™ IoT Advanced Analytics has won the Gold Certificate Industry 4.0 at the Swiss Digital Economy Awards in the category Highest Digital Quality. + + + Sulzer will be a distributor for Nidec Industrial Solutions. Nidec manufactures custom-made drives for industrial applications, mainly for the United States and Canada. + + +

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