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December 13, 2017

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FPSO CLOV on the sea
The CLOV FPSO is using the Total-patented wash tank technology.

Total-patented wash tank technology licensed to Sulzer

On September 5, 2017, Sulzer’s Chemtech division was granted a license covering the Total-patented wash tank technology for oil processing. The main purpose of this technology is to enhance the removal of water, salt, and contaminants from oil and emulsions. This happens by a controlled distribution of the feed into the bottom of a hull tank of an FPSO / FSO / FPU which transforms the water-in-oil dispersion into an oil-in- water one where high-efficiency phase separation takes place more easily. The technology also involves a significant simplification of the topsides crude oil process.

Sulzer will commercialize the licensed technology along with its static mixing technology as well as patented oil / water emulsion distributors. Sulzer’s testing capabilities and CFD services form an integral part of a properly designed solution for each specific facility. The main benefits are reduced weight of the topsides, improved performance, and less energy consumption.

This wash tank technology has been in operation for many years on the USAN, PAZFLOR, and CLOV FPSO’s, as well as on the recently started MOHO Nord / LIKOUF FPU. MARTIN LINGE FSO and the EGINA FPSO are also equipped with this technology and will start up in the near future. While all these assets are operated by Total, Sulzer’s license agreement will make the benefits associated with this technology available to oil field FPSOs around the world.

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Headquarter of Transcodent in Kiel, Germany
Headquarter of Transcodent in Kiel, Germany.

Sulzer acquired Transcodent

On September 30, 2017, Sulzer acquired Transcodent GmbH & Co. KG, a leading provider of multiple-dose and unit-dose application systems, needles, tips and capsules for the dental market. The acquisition further strengthens the Applicator Systems division of Sulzer in its dental segment, where Sulzer is already a global market leader.

Transcodent, headquartered in Kiel, Germany, is expected to achieve revenues of EUR 17 million in 2017. The company generates the majority of its revenues in Europe and the Americas, and manufactures in Kiel. Transcodent is known for its multiple-dose and unitdose application systems with highest barrier properties and a wide range of premium-quality needles. It also offers the development and manufacturing of customer- specific injection-molded application systems. Transcodent-branded products are used by dentists in anesthetics, endo irrigation, prevention, and aesthetic restoration.

The transaction allows Sulzer to round out its dental portfolio with fine needles, unit doses, contract filling, and customized assembly. Combining the complementary product portfolios enables Sulzer to become a full-line supplier in dental applications.

Fig. 1 The new test-bed extension with overhead cranes.

Faster testing thanks to test-bed extension

To ensure the highest quality and security, all pumps assembled in Bruchsal, Germany, are tested in their test- bed. Sulzer Pumps Germany started in mid- 2016 with the extension of its test-bed. The new test bed installation started operation end of June 2017, and the increased capacity allows the faster testing of customer pumps. Remarkable time savings for the delivery of a pump are possible with the enlarged test-bed facilities.

The extension of the test-bed was initiated to gain more capacity and space for testing. It includes an automatic vertical lift and storage system which is used for the storage of specific materials needed for testing different pumps. The lift and storage system consists of a storage section and two transport wagons, which supply the entire test-bed with materials, such as piping, supports, or motors. Each of the autonomous and cordless transport wagons has the remarkable transport capacity of 5 tons. The time required to erect and dismount pump packages for testing is significantly reduced with this system.

Additionally, the test-bed is equipped with two overhead cranes (Fig. 1). They are capable of handling 16 tons and 32 tons weight respectively. Thanks to a new entrance gate that is 10 m wide and 5 m high, the workflow at the new test-bed is improved. Trucks are able to pass this large gate and drive in front of the test-bed. With the crane, Sulzer operators can load the tested equipment quickly and easily to the truck. In the future, a rail system will be installed at the test bed. Then large pump packages can be moved parallel to the gate on these rails. To save additional time, the packaging of large units can be done directly in front of the test area.

In short time, the test-bed will be equipped with a new control center. This room will be located right over the test-bed (Fig. 2). Interested customers who want to participate during the test procedure of their pump are invited to this control center. There, they can monitor the pump equipment as well as the testing parameters at a safe distance from the test area.

Fig. 2 The control center with windows will be positioned over the test-bed.
Agitator Agistar SSA side mounted
The new AGISTAR™ SSA side-mounted agitator.

New AGISTAR™ SSA side-mounted agitator range

With the AGISTAR™ SSA side-mounted agitator, Sulzer has taken a significant step to further decrease power consumption and reduce the environmental impact of its product portfolio.

AGISTAR SSA is designed for demanding applications in various industries, such as pulp and paper, biofuels, food, sludge, as well as municipal and industrial wastewater. For this agitator, Sulzer has developed high-efficiency hydraulics (patent pending) with high pumping capacity and axial thrust but with low power consumption. Customers can benefit from reduced energy consumption, and low operational and maintenance costs.

The reliable AGISTAR SSA agitator has a strong shaft with minimal deflection. The rigid construction ensures low vibration and a long lifetime of the seals and bearing — more than 200 000 hours for the bearing. The agitator is equipped with a new duplex stainless steel EX3 propeller for higher strength and wear properties. This ensures a longer lifetime than for agitators using austenitic stainless steel propellers. In addition, the performance of the agitator can be adapted with the adjustable propeller blades. The EX3 propeller is so extremely efficient, that Sulzer decided to offer it as a retrofit set for older MX4 propellers as well.

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