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July 19, 2017

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Gas turbine service for Russia.

Sulzer Aquired Rotec’s Gas Turbine Service Business

Sulzer acquired control of Rotec’s gas turbine maintenance business (Rotec GT). Rotec GT, headquartered in Moscow, Russia, and majority-controlled by Renova, is active mainly in the Russian market. Through this transaction, Sulzer becomes a sizable player in the Russian gas turbine service market.

Rotec GT is headquartered in Moscow and has a refurbishment center for gas turbine components in Ekaterinburg. Rotec GT is being combined with Sulzer Russia’s service activities to create a leading independent gas turbine service provider for Russia and the CIS countries. Renova, the current majority owner of Rotec, will remain an investor with a 49% stake in the combined entity, which is now under the sole management control of Sulzer.

The combined entity will operate under the Sulzer brand and be consolidated by Sulzer. Daniel Bischofberger, President of Sulzer’s Rotating Equipment Services division, said, “Sulzer is excited to have Renova as a partner. Together we are taking our combined service business in Russia to the next level.”

GSG cooling water pumps produced in Bruchsal, Germany.

Sulzer Wins Order for Vital Cooling Water Pump Kits

The Forsmark Kraftgrupp, part of the Vattenfall company, has awarded Sulzer with the delivery of six GSG barrel-type pumps for the nuclear power plant in Forsmark, Sweden. The pump packages will be installed in the independent core cooling system of the units 1, 2, and 3 in order to provide cooling fluid to the reactor vessel in case of an emergency. The three reactors produce about one-sixth of the country’s energy consumption.

The GSG cooling water pumps will be produced by the Sulzer factory in Bruchsal, Germany. It is one of the few factories in the world that is equipped to simulate a full string test — including the simulation of the plant’s system curve before the pumps are installed in the power plant. The pumps, including the driving diesel engines, will be qualified for seismic resistance. The robustness and reliability of Sulzer’s products was a main criterion for the pump selection.

Synconta lifting station won the Red Dot Design Award.

Sulzer Awarded With Red Dot for High-Quality Design

Sulzer’s Synconta lifting station received the distinctive Red Dot Award for outstanding design in competition with thousands of products from all over the world. The Synconta is a brand-new approach to industrial design for Sulzer, accomplished in cooperation with the Irish design and innovation consultancy Dolmen.

The Synconta is a wastewater lifting station designed for low-pressure sewage systems. Its purpose is to collect wastewater from residential or commercial applications and discharge it to a standard gravity system. The unit is designed to accept either a single- or double-pump assembly. Either of them can be preassembled outside the tank and then easily lowered into the chamber once the tank is seated into the ground. There is no need for the installation engineer to climb inside, which provides huge safety benefits. The new lifting stations type ABS Synconta 901B and 902B were introduced to the market in May 2016. “We are delighted to have received the Red Dot Design Award for the Synconta design,” says Clive Patten, Head Municipal Water at Sulzer.

The cMIST (red) and conventional dehydration system (light blue) in comparison (Source: ExxonMobil).

OTC Awards cMIST™ Technology for Innovation

At the recent Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) held in May 2017 in Houston, TX, USA, Sulzer received the Spotlight on New Technology Award for cMIST™ compact mass transfer and inline separation. This OTC Award recognizes industry players for their latest and most advanced technologies that are leading the oil and gas industry into the future.

The cMIST technology efficiently removes the water vapor present during the production of natural gas. This inline technology reduces the size, weight, footprint, and cost of the gas dehydration system and can be deployed at both land-based and offshore natural gas production facilities. ExxonMobil has licensed its new cMIST technology to Sulzer to facilitate deployment across the oil and gas industry.

The system consists of two parts: A droplet generator designed by ExxonMobil creates well-dispersed small droplets of glycol with a large surface area to absorb water from the natural gas. A HiPer™ inline separator designed by Sulzer, which provides efficiency in separating the rich glycol from the natural gas. Gas dehydration systems with ExxonMobil’s cMIST unit are 50% lighter than with traditional equipment. The cMIST unit also takes 70% less space than a conventional dehydration tower. That’s important because it can effectively operate in space-challenged environments, such as offshore platforms. Like dehydration towers, cMIST units remove impurities, including water, from natural gas.

The winner is Mr. K. Vinay Rao from NTPC, India.

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