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March 29, 2017

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Ensival Moret is Now Sulzer

Sulzer has completed the acquisition of Ensival Moret, a part of Moret Industries. The acquisition allows Sulzer to close specific product gaps in its general industry pumps portfolio — such as axial flow pumps and slurry pumps. Ensival Moret offers a wide range of industrial pumps in a broad range of industrial applications such as fertilizers, sugar, mining, and chemicals. Combining the complementary product portfolios enables Sulzer to become a full line supplier in most industrial process applications. Ensival Moret’s main manufacturing facilities are based in Saint Quentin, France, and Thimister, Belgium. It also operates facilities in Brazil and China, as well as multiple service centers across the globe.

Woman drinking a class of water
Sulzer has the pumping solutions for clean water.

Pumping Solutions for Clean Water Applications

Sulzer traditionally has a strong presence in the desalination and wastewater market. Now the company introduces an extended product portfolio that also covers clean water applications. The flagship of Sulzer’s product portfolio for the clean water market is the new, highly reliable and efficient standard axially split casing SMD pump. The clean water portfolio also includes the new, vertical multistage (VMS) pump range and the high-efficiency end suction SNS pump. Sulzer’s current portfolio, already installed in other water applications (vertical turbine pumps, submersible pumps, compressors, agitators, etc.), complements the new products for clean water applications.

The design and innovative construction of the clean water equipment, including state-of-the-art hydraulics as well as robust and reliable mechanical designs, bring advantages to the customers’ processes. Other features, like the Premium Efficiency IE3 motors in the submersible pump range and the superior magnetic bearings of the near-silent high-speed turbocompressors, further enhance energy efficiency. From the water treatment plant to the water tap, Sulzer’s clean water solutions live up to the highest standards for drinking water applications, including the most recognized international certification standards, such as ACS, WRAS, and NSF 61.

Miguel Gago from TYPSA Group
VIEC™ oil separation technology with high-voltage electrical fields.

Sulzer Acquired Wärtsilä’s Oil Separation Technology VIEC™

Sulzer acquired Wärtsilä’s Vessel Internal Electrostatic Coalescer (VIEC™) business. VIEC is a technology for enhancing liquid-liquid separation by using alternating high-voltage electrical fields. It greatly reduces operating costs through its exclusive and modular in-vessel construction, which consists of several electrodes. Each electrode is electrically insulated and has its own dedicated transformer for converting a low-voltage feed to high voltage. It tolerates 100% water and 100% gas without short-circuiting or arcing. Thus, the technology is ideally suited for three-phase separators that are used either offshore or onshore. VIEC speeds up the settling of water dispersed in oil including the separation in stable oil continuous emulsions. The proven technology has been delivered to more than 40 clients over the last 15 years. This acquisition allows Sulzer Chemtech to further extend its product portfolio for advanced oil and water separation applications in the upstream segment.

Compact gas dehydration technology
In practice – cMIST™ compact gas dehydration technology.

cMISTTM Compact Gas Dehydration Technology

ExxonMobil has licensed its new patented cMIST™ technology to Sulzer’s Chemtech division. The inline cMIST technology reduces the size, weight, footprint, and cost of the gas dehydration system and can be deployed at both land-based and offshore natural gas production facilities.

ExxonMobil, the largest publicly traded international oil and gas company has developed and extensively field-tested the cMIST. This inline technology efficiently removes water vapor which is present during the production of natural gas. Removing water vapor through the use of dehydration technology — typically accomplished by using large and expensive dehydration towers — reduces corrosion and equipment interference. This helps to ensure the safe and efficient transport of natural gas through the supply infrastructure and ultimately to consumers. cMIST reduces the size, weight, and cost of dehydration. The surface footprint can be reduced by 70% and the overall dehydration system’s weight is cut in half.

Torsten Wintergerste, president of Sulzer’s Chemtech division, says: “We are proud to have been selected as worldwide exclusive licensee of the cMIST technology, which includes our patented compact HiPer™ inline separator. We look forward to servicing the oil and gas industry with this unique technology, which allows for much needed reductions in capital expenditures for both greenfield projects and existing facilities seeking brownfield debottlenecking opportunities. cMIST complements Sulzer’s line of compact multiphase separation technologies and will benefit oil and gas operating companies around the world.”

T-Mixer Colibri™
The cannula of the T-Mixer Colibri™ is bendable.

MIXPAC T-Mixer Colibri™ With Bendable Cannula

The T-Mixer Colibri™ enables homogeneous, safe mixing of multicomponent dental material and delivers significant savings of up to 40%. It features an integrated 360° rotatable and bendable cannula for the precise application of costly multicomponent materials. The product was specifically designed for root canal treatments and cementation. “The economical T-Mixer Colibri ingeniously combines two of our most successful products. It couples the reliability of the T-Mixer’s geometry with all the advantages of our bendable Colibri The mixing tip allows for an ergonomic posture and highly professional work, even when treating difficult to reach areas. So, changes to the working environment are not necessary. The result is a consistent, homogenous application — even when bent — thanks to the stainless steel medical cannula’s uniform internal diameter,” explains Martina Strasser, Sulzer Mixpac’s Global Head of Sales Dental.

Compared with helix mixing tips, the T-Mixer Colibri uses up to 40% less material because of advanced technology and its compact, shorter design. The T-Mixer has received multiple awards from the publications Dental Advisor and Clinicians Report. The T-Mixer Colibri is compatible with all 2.5–10 ml MIXPAC cartridges.

Miguel Gago from TYPSA Group
Miguel Gago from TYPSA Group subscribed to the Sulzer Technical Review online and won the iPad Air.

And the iPad Winner is…

All subscribers who signed up by December 31, 2016, for the STR newsletter were entered into a drawing to win an iPad. The lucky winner is Miguel Angel Lara Gago, who works as a civil engineer for Group TYPSA in Barcelona, Spain. Mr. Gago is in charge of planning international water projects and is always interested in the latest hydraulic and water pump developments of Sulzer. Reading the Sulzer Technical Review is a regular inspiration for him. It allows him to always recommend the best suitable pump solution to his customers. TYPSA is a group of independent consulting engineering firms working together as a single unit in civil engineering, architecture, building technology, energy, and the environment. TYPSA Group develops all types of infrastructure and facilities around the world since its inception in 1966 and thus contributes to better living conditions. Over 70% of the Group’s 2 500 professionals are engineers, architects, or other university graduates who work together in highly skilled multidisciplinary teams. For more details about the interesting planning projects, see

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