Sulzer Technical Review Issue 3 / 2016

Know-how for your Hollywood smile

November 10, 2016 | Massimo De Martis

What influences the quality of a good dentist? Knowing how to handle patients and materials for dental prostheses, such as crowns, bridges, bleaching, and cements in his dental treatment. Sulzer Mixpac supports dentists with packaging solutions and expertise for the fast-and-easy handling of one- and two-component materials.

Mouth with white teeth

Sulzer offers sophisticated packaging solutions for many two-component mixing applications in the dental market: for impression materials, temporary crown and bridge materials, cements, bleaching products, and others.

Ergonomic single-hand application

Sulzer Mixpac Systems is a leading manufacturer of packaging, mixing, and dispensing systems. It understands the market needs in detail, researches and develops new solutions for dentists, and tests the solutions properly before the market launch.

MixpacTM devices are ergonomic — they can be used single-handedly. The devices deliver accurate, high-quality, and reproducible mixing of two-component materials. Thereby, they ensure long-lasting clinical results and a Hollywood smile for the dentist and his patients.

Knowledge exchange with specialists

The exchange of know-how with end users is one of the most important starting points for the innovation process and for successful development. In August 2016, Sulzer invited dental experts for a one-day networking event. This group belongs to the Sulzer Mixpac key opinion leader network, called Opinion Leader Program, to exchange knowledge.

An inspiring workshop gave the participants the opportunity to share information about upcoming trends in different areas. The specialists at the event came from different areas of expertise such as implantology, CAD/CAM, preventive, restorative and aesthetic dentistry, or maxillofacial- and orthodontic surgery. The dentists saw firsthand how their daily tools are developed and produced when they toured the design and manufacturing facilities at Sulzer in Haag, Switzerland.

System approach for packaging solutions

The key characteristic of the company’s product portfolio is the system approach. Each system consists of a cartridge, an intraoral tip, and a dispenser that work together perfectly. During an application workshop, the dentists were able to test some of the products to see their benefits and how the system approach works (Fig. 1). The entire day was dedicated to exchanging know-how, trading perspectives, and learning from each other. This is the basis of a strong partnership for future product and business development projects for the dental market.


Videos for handling and application training

Training videos can be used to show and train the dentists in how to work with the Sulzer Mixpac system. They are an ideal way to transfer knowledge to users around the globe and show how to handle the Mixpac products and how they operate.

"This day was perfectly organized and gave me a deeper insight of Sulzer Mixpac AG. I look forward to this interesting and fruitful partnership within the Opinion Leader Program to work on future successful projects. I am happy to bring in my knowledge and expertise to develop future ideas and products." Dr. Mathias Leupold, (Fig. 1, right), dentist from Heerbrugg, Switzerland
People testing the MixpacTM products
Fig. 1 Testing the MixpacTM products during the application workshop at the Opinion Leader Program.

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    Sulzer Mixpac offers a solution for every two-component application on the dental market: impression materials, materials for temporary crowns and bridges, cements, products for bleaching and other dental uses. For clean and hygienic single-use applications Sulzer Mixpac offers various one-component products.

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