Sulzer Technical Review Issue 3 / 2017

Faster and better

December 13, 2017

Read how Sulzer puts all its effort into optimizing processes to deliver products and services faster and better.

Dear Technology Fans,

Our customers choose Sulzer because we deliver with our products and services exceptional performance and value. But in today’s world, that is no longer enough. We also need to offer the shortest lead times, whether it is for a standard product or something highly engineered. And the highest quality, because our solutions are often mission-critical for our customers. This is the essence of what Sulzer is striving to achieve: to always be faster and better than other suppliers.

How do Sulzer engineers shorten the time needed to take a product from the development phase to being commercially available? Experience, teamwork, knowledge — and digitalization. Every engineer has access to our digitalized designs, iterations are made, and rapid prototypes produced. Our subject matter experts around the company, who share their expertise across several departments, are consulted to define the right materials, coatings, or appropriate production technologies. For example, our engineers developed a new way of producing large impellers, which led to better quality and performance for our customers.

Sulzer has many applications for additive manufacturing, one of them being fast prototyping. Our customers save time and money because they can judge and test 3D-printed mascara brushes. Being agile and innovative is essential, and Sulzer is a frontrunner in using new materials for selective laser sintering.

Speeding up repairs has always been a key focus for the Sulzer service centers around the globe. Over the holiday season last year, our service team in Indonesia was busy repairing a large generator whose failure had taken a power plant in Malaysia offline. The call came on Christmas eve, and we responded immediately. The original equipment manufacturer could not make the customer’s timing. Sulzer could and, with a little help from the world’s largest cargo plane, got the generator back in time and the plant back up and running. With Sulzer quality, second to none. Faster and better — for the sake of our customers.

Nevertheless, take your time when reading this edition of the Sulzer Technical Review.

Greg Poux-Guillaume

CEO Sulzer

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