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Sulzer is well known for its solutions in the oil and gas, water, and power markets. This edition of Sulzer Technical Review sheds some light on what Sulzer offers in the market segment we call "general industry."

Growing in low cyclicality businesses helps ensure Sulzer’s long-term success. With the acquisition of PC Cox and Geka GmbH, Sulzer has doubled the size of Sulzer Mixpac Systems. PC Cox is a leading manufacturer of handheld sealant and adhesive dispensers for industrial applications. Geka has a leading position in the applicators for the cosmetic industry and has the same industrial core in high-precision plastic injection molding as Mixpac. This expansion strategy has made Sulzer a market leader in specialized applications.

In construction, Sulzer has developed customer-specific dispenser solutions for the application of floor adhesives. Sulzer is fostering knowledge transfer for customers with special networking events. Adhesive specialists shared best practices at the MixpacTM TecDays in Zurich. For the dental industry, Sulzer organized a one-day event for knowledge exchange and trend recognition.

In pulp and paper production, Sulzer offers new energy-efficient pumping solutions for medium- consistency material, like pulp. In food production, Sulzer improves processes and lowers costs — thanks to the right specification of pumps. Sulzer offers process solutions and industrial scale equipment for liquid-liquid extraction, a process used in many different industries. For emission regulation in landfill gas installations, Sulzer provides a control solution, which results in a higher gas yield. In a pulp and paper mill, creative thinking leads to a fast repair solution. 

I hope you enjoy reading about Sulzer’s broad portfolio for end-markets we talk about less but which are close to our heart.

Greg Poux-Guillaume
CEO Sulzer

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