Sulzer Technical Review Issue 2 / 2016

From recovery to refining

Are you interested, how innovative solutions for the oil and gas market - from recovery to refining - lead to process optimization and cost savings?

Greg Poux-Guillaume, CEO Sulzer

Dear Technology Fans,

read in this issue about process solutions for the oil and gas industry. The challenging market environment is placing the oil and gas industry under severe cost pressure. This issue of the Sulzer Technical Review bears the title “From Recovery to Refining.” Here, we are portraying our innovative solutions in this market and how they lead to process optimizations and cost savings for our customers.

In gas production, the removal of water components from the gas is important. A comparison of the various processes that are available indicates which process is the most economical. We offer our customers these case-by-case calculations as the basis for investment decisions or retrofits. With an example from the Dunbar oil field in the North Sea, we show you how, despite falling delivery volumes, our customers are able to reduce their operating costs through innovative ideas.

Two research projects at Sulzer are examining the transport of fluids and the pipeline industry. Their goal is to create an optimal design of pumps for viscous fluids, such as oil, and thereby to sustainably reduce energy consumption and operational costs.

Ethylene is produced following the refinery process, and avoiding downtime is of vital importance for our customers in order to save time and money. Ideal project planning and good preparation are thereby prerequisites for the high performance of our service teams.

I hope this edition delivers some interesting and inspiring reading!

Greg Poux-Guillaume

CEO Sulzer

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