Sulzer Technical Review Issue 1 / 2017

Sulzer's path to innovation

Read more about our path from ideas to innovative products and solutions in this edition of the Sulzer Technical Review.

Greg Poux-Guillaume, CEO Sulzer

Dear Technology Fans,

with the introduction of many new products in 2016, Sulzer has demonstrated once again that innovation is a key pillar of our strategy and our culture. In 2016, we maintained our level of R&D Investment at around 2.5% of sales despite the challenging oil- and gas market we face. This led to our filing of 31 patents in 2016. Innovation is part of our DNA, and it is essential for sustainable growth. To foster innovative entrepreneurship further, we have launched the Sulzer Innovation Awards. Once a year, we will celebrate outstanding Sulzer innovations and their inventors. Read about our path to innovation and about our innovative products and solutions in this edition of the Sulzer Technical Review.

Sulzer engineers are dedicated to developing new technologies that will improve products and solutions for our customers. Three divisional research and development (R&D) heads show how our engineers develop innovations for the Pumps Equipment, the Chemtech, and the Applicator Systems divisions. Data-driven management meets digital innovation. Our AquaWeb monitoring and surveillance system is used as a management tool for the control of pumps in water installations.

Fundamental R&D is as exciting as detective work. The dissertation of Dr. Stefan Berten, one of our R&D engineers, was groundbreaking for the innovative development of pump hydraulics. Sulzer implemented process innovation on a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) by using a static mixer as recondenser for boil-off gas. Innovative production processes lead to new Sulzer products as well.

For a sugar mill, Sulzer repaired a generator that had hairpin coils. A refurbishment service for a transformer secured the electricity supply of a big port in Great Britain.

I hope you will enjoy reading our first digital edition of the Sulzer Technical Review.

Greg Poux-Guillaume

CEO Sulzer

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