Sulzer Technical Review Issue 1 / 2016

Tailored Service Solutions

Read in this issue how we carry out challenging service projects across the globe.

Greg Poux-Guillaume, CEO Sulzer

Dear Technology Fans,

How fit are our machines? The operators of power plants, oil platforms, water supply companies, and industrial facilities around the world ask themselves this question on a daily basis. Limitations to—or even stoppages of—their operations are a horror scenario—both for profitability and for safety. Early on, Sulzer realized how crucial clever maintenance strategies and innovative machine overhauls can be. Service work has therefore been an essential and rapidly growing area of our work for decades.

We’ll go as far as it takes to deliver the best service. A project in the Highlands of Scotland shows how we overcame logistical challenges and completely overhauled a 56-ton rotor in a remote hydroelectric plant. Tailor-made solutions and state-of-the-art technology are our greatest strengths. The article about the repair of a large electric motor in the steel industry further proves that.

Modifications to installations in the offshore oil industry are often difficult because of the limited space on the rigs. In Malaysia, our retrofit experts were able to skillfully adapt the pumps on an oil platform to new operating conditions and to massively reduce the energy consumption.

The dedicated and highly qualified employees in our more than 100 service locations are the greatest factors for success in our service work. Get to know three of our service experts in the portrait article. You’ll be amazed how much heart and soul they put into tackling their projects and how they always treat their customers like partners.

I hope you find our new issue as stimulating a read as I do.

Greg Poux-Guillaume

CEO Sulzer

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