Sulzer Chemtech is represented in all important industrial countries and sets standards in the field of mass transfer and static mixing with its advanced and economical solutions.

Our competencies

  • Process components such as fractionation trays, structured and random packings, liquid and gas distributors, gas-liquid separators, and internals for separation columns
  • Engineering services for separation and reaction technology such as conceptual process design, feasibilities studies, plant optimizations including process validation in the test center
  • Recovery of virtually any solvents used by the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, or difficult separations requiring the combination of special technologies, such as thin film/short-path evaporation, distillation under high vacuum, liquid-liquid extraction, or crystallization
  • Complete separation process plants, in particular modular plants (skids)
  • Advanced polymerization technology for the production of PLA and EPS
  • Tower field services performing tray and packing installation, tower maintenance, welding, and plant turnaround projects
  • Mixing and reaction technology with static mixers
  • VIEC – The modular construction consists of several electrodes, where each electrode is electrically insulated and has its own dedicated transformer for transforming a low voltage feed to high voltage
  • GTC - Sulzer GTC offers more than 25 licenses for technologies used in the hydrocarbon processing industry to increase capacity, improve efficiency, and maximize production
  • Sulzer gas pre-treatment and liquefaction plants for small scale liquefied natural gas (ssLNG)

Our main products

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