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April 28, 2019

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Turning carbon-rich emissions into biofuels

Sulzer’s cutting-edge solutions for separation processes are support­ing the ‘Steelanol’ project, which aims to turn carbon-rich industrial emissions into bioethanol fuels. By winning this contract, Sulzer is further strengthening its reputation in providing high-quality, reliable and innovative process engineering services and equipment for more sustainable and efficient processing plants.

Sulzer Chemtech was appointed by ArcelorMittal to provide distillation equipment for its steel production plant in Ghent, Belgium. This will help to convert waste gases from the steel manufacturing process into approximately 80 million liters of bioethanol annually.

While the steel industry is one of the biggest sources of carbon emissions, the world’s leading integrated steel and mining company ArcelorMittal is actively engaged in the Steelanol project to turn its sites into smart carbon plants. To do this, the company has partnered with LanzaTech, a developer of a biotechnology that uses acetogenic bacteria, which is able to ferment carbon monoxide (CO)-rich gases to produce ethanol.

In order to develop a suitable system to extract the biofuel after the bacterial metabolic process, it was essential to select a specialist in separation technology. Sulzer was appointed on the basis of its extensive expertise, in-depth knowledge and manufacturing capabilities for the processing industries.

The overall carbon footprint balance is a crucial aspect for Sulzer and ArcelorMittal. In fact, for a successful breakthrough process development, it is necessary to reduce any energy consumption, rather than increase it. To do that, Sulzer proposed and designed a first-of-its­kind solution simplifying the process and the equipment necessary. Creating a process based on closed loops reuses key resources and dramatically reduces energy usage. Sulzer provided a sustainable and highly efficient plant with minimized operating costs.

Dorota Zoldosova, Winterthur, Switzerland

Sulzer launches the Peeler cartridge

Sulzer has announced the launch of the Mixpeel™ cartridge to the US market, a revolutionary and reliable adhesive packaging and dispensing solution that fits two components in a one-component style cartridge. Customers can benefit from the ease of use, improved filling procedure, additional fill volume, reduced waste volume and enhanced performance. In other countries the Peeler cartridge will be introduced soon.

Mixpeel applicator
Fig. 2 The Peeler cartridge can use two-components in a one-component-style cartridge.

Roman Thönig, Global Head Business Segment Adhesives based at Sulzer Mixpac in Haag, Switzerland, commented: “With the new Peeler packaging system, Sulzer has addressed and subsequently realized a number of key elements in order to provide fillers, adhesives manufac­turers and, most importantly, end-users with a superior solution covering actual market require­ments such as easier filling as well as an improved economical footprint due to higher fill volume and minimized waste.

“Moreover, the well-known and proven 2-in-1 package design means having a two-component adhesive packed in a one-component cartridge style allowing the usage of a one-component dispenser, which is of paramount importance, and a huge advantage when it comes to choosing a cost-efficient and lightweight dispensing method.”

Mariella Devrient, Haag, Switzerland

New high-efficiency HSR turbocompressor available

The new HSR line of high-speed turbocompressors is designed for the production of oil-free pressurized air in applications where contamination of the air must be avoided. The HSR utilizes high-performance turbo and magnetic bearing technology that maximizes the efficiency and minimizes the need for maintenance.

HSR turbocompressor with magnetic bearings – saving the environment and money
Fig. 3 The new HSR turbocompressor with magnetic bearing technology.

The key benefit of the HSR is the fact that it contains no oil at all. This means 100% safe compressed air for processes where no contamination is allowed. Such applications are included, for example, in the production of fibrous materials, manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, and in the food and beverage industries.

A key technological choice is the use of active magnetic bearings that bring the benefit of no mechanical friction and no mechanical wear. Thanks to the direct drive and magnetic bearings, there is no need for mechanical gears, bearings and seals. There is no oil or other liquid lubricant anywhere in the product. There are no wearing parts to be replaced, no oil to be refilled and no consumables to be disposed of. Together with the almost total absence of vibration, this grants the product a long lifetime. Equipment of this kind maintains its efficiency without major overhaul for more than 20 years.

The two-stage or three-stage compression for maximum pressures of 4.5 and 9 bar (gauge) respectively is done with state-of-the-art turbo air ends, directly driven by a high-speed motor that utilizes permanent magnets. To reach the necessary speed and flow control, one or two variable frequency drives control the motors. The wide flow range can be extended by applying adjustable diffuser vanes. By utilizing modulating blow-off valves, the flow can be adjusted between 0 and 100%. To find out how to safeguard the purity of your product, protect the environment and save money by choosing the HSR for your oil-free air compression needs, please visit

Sulzer joined forces with the company Tamturbo based in Tampere, Finland, to develop this new HSR turbo compressor and signed a cooperation contract.

Saku Vanhala, Kotka, Finland

Exhibition booth of Sulzer Mixpac

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+ + + In 2018, Sulzer achieved significant growth in orders, sales and profitability. Orders were up by 8.4% organically and by 12.5% including acquisitions. + + + Sulzer Pumps in Finland received the new ISO 45001 certification for Health and Safety Management System. + + + New Peeler coaxial cartridges presented from Sulzer Mixpac for construction applications. + + + Stylish booth at the IDS Cologne showed Transcodent and Mixpac dental solutions. + + + GEKA launched the online Product Configurator. + + +

Sulzer Technical Review


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