An "excellent day" is a safe day

Learn from our model health and safety program

Sulzer wants its employees to be safe and healthy. To foster a preventive safety culture, Sulzer has a corporate-wide initiative called the Safe Behavior Program in place. The video “An excellent day” features core behaviors of the program: observation, intervention, and responsibility.

Two employees in a factury
At Sulzer, we live the “safety comes first” principle.
The program is designed to foster a team oriented approach to safety and is focused on developing safety leadership and employee empowerment. The objectives are to develop and anchor a safety culture in which all employees have the competence, the ability and the desire to care for their own safety and the safety of others. Assessing competencies, identifying training needs, and supporting deeper implementation are key elements of the path to a sustainable culture of safety excellence. Safety excellence shown in the video is based on core behaviors and attitudes of the program: observation, intervention, and responsibility.

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