Energy-efficient and eco-friendly solutions

Energy efficiency in motion

Sulzer’s solutions help to minimize environmental impact. The company’s innovative and efficient technologies reduce the carbon footprint of products, avoid environmental pollution, and allow the sustainable use of resources.

Two Sulzer employees standing outside of manufacturing site with separation equipment
We develop innovative, efficient, and eco-friendly solutions for our customers. Greg Poux-Guillaume, CEO
Sulzer’s products and solutions are important elements of customers’ operations. The greater part of life cycle energy consumption and emissions originates at customers’ sites. Products that help reduce energy consumption and emissions are thus important to supporting customers in maintaining their business sustainably. Sulzer has substantial expertise in providing energy-efficient solutions and the company offers service and training for safe and efficient operation of the equipment.

Our solutions

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Carbon capture and storage

CO2 emissions from power plants are a major climate challenge. Sulzer is a leading manufacturer and service provider of pumps and mass transfer equipment that are critical for the carbon capture and storage technologies.

  • Highly efficient separation packings to capture carbon dioxide at their point of origin
  • Beyond pumps for capturing, high-performance pumps reliably produce the high pressures needed to transport the captured and compressed carbon dioxide
  • These high-pressure pumps also inject the carbon dioxide safely into depleted gas reservoirs, saline formation, or unminable coal beds for long-term storage

Our products and solutions

Landscape with solar panels

Solar power

Sulzer develops performance-critical components for the operation of solar power plants.

  • Comprehensive pumps portfolio and services that cover all major processes in thermal solar power plants
  • Pumps to transport the oil that has been heated by sun rays reflected through parabolic mirrors
  • Pumps to move molten salt that is used as thermal storage and that can reach temperatures of up to 600 ºC

Our products and solutions

Landscape with wind turbines

Wind power

Sulzer conducts repair and maintenance of performance-critical parts in the wind power sector.

  • Repair and maintenance services for rotating electrical equipment in wind turbines
  • Innovative solutions to improve performance, meantime between failures, and in situ repairs (including generator main bearing replacement in the nacelle)

Our products and solutions

Geothermal power plant

Geothermal power

Sulzer offers pumps and turbine repair services for the geothermal power sector.

  • Overhaul and repair of steam turbines
  • Pumps for different applications in the geothermal and power island

Our products and solutions

Wastewater plant in front of blue sky


Sulzer plays a major role in returning clean water to its source by providing energy-efficient solutions for wastewater collection and treatment.

  • Market leading energy-efficient pumps, mixers, and aeration systems for municipal wastewater applications.
  • Collecting and analyzing on-site data of existing equipment before recommending energy-efficient and reliable solutions

Our products and solutions

Water transportation pipe


Sulzer is recognized for delivering excellent product quality. Our performance efficiency and reliability ensures affordable fresh water by means of desalination.

  • Pumps for sea and brackish water reverse osmosis (SWRO & BWRO) and multi-effect distillation (MED) plants
  • Parts and retrofits for the desalination market

Our products and solutions

Landscape with river and biofuels plant in the background


Sulzer offers a wide range of solutions and technologies for the production of biofuels.

  • Centrifugal pumps for high-solids materials
  • Gas removal pumps
  • Tower and tank agitators
  • Gas mixers

Our products and solutions

Two Sulzer employees walking in front of bioplastics production plant


Sulzer has developed a novel and cost-effective technology to produce high-quality bioplastics that are based on renewable raw materials.

Sulzer operates an in-house pilot plant for the production of sample materials and continues to conduct research to improve technology. A demo plant with a capacity of 1 000 tons per year allows customers to carry out tests, and it closes the gap between lab scale and industrial scale.

Our products and solutions

Two Sulzer employees repairing a turbine

Rotating equipment

Sulzer offers services for rotating equipment to increase efficiencies. Less energy input required translates directly into reduced emissions and fuel savings.

  • Innovative repair processes and modifications such as blade redesign and wear- and corrosion-resistant coatings
  • Overhauls and retrofits on steam turbines, turbocompressors, and electric motors

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