Technical services for adhesives and dental applications

The success of your single or multi-component material highly depends on the solution for packaging, metering, mixing and dispensing. The vast, reliable, robust MIXPAC™ product range from Sulzer provides a multitude of benefits for its user.

Green past coming out of a mixing system

Turning ideas into products efficiently

In choosing the optimal system for the material many factors need to be considered, such as: the cartridge material, piston technology, plunger, closure cap, the mixer, and dispenser.

Our expert technical services team, headquartered in Switzerland, has unlimited access to a well-equipped state of the art laboratory and is constantly working to improve our products and support services. This well experienced group, armed with in house computational fluid analysis (CFD) capabilities and a multitude of methods for physical analysis, is building a library of technical tools.

Sulzer Mixpac is the only solutions provider in our markets with such a large portfolio of methods intended to minimize expensive, time consuming, trial and error physical tests invariably reducing the time to market for our customers.

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