Healthcare applicator systems

We offer solutions for packaging, metering, mixing and applying one- and multi-component materials in various healthcare markets such as dental, pharmaceuticals, veterinary, diagnostics, cosmetics, medical and nutrition. Safety, hygiene, precision and maximum reliability when in operation are the key factors we strive for with all our solutions.

Dentist with a face mask

The Swiss company Sulzer Mixpac stands for "Innovation in Application"

You can find our packaging, dispensing, mixing and application systems all over the world

  • You will encounter them daily in dental practices and dental laboratories, in clinics, hospitals and research and development laboratories
  • We deliver solutions for clinical applications across a broad spectrum of healthcare sectors 
  • In close cooperation with specialists in these sectors, we develop innovations, which provide proven progress in applications 
  • Everything we do and develop is aimed at putting a smile on the lips of our customers

GEKA with its headquarters in Germany and subsidiaries in the US and Brazil has become part of Sulzer Mixpac in mid-2016.

  • GEKA is the leading provider of innovative, precise and hygienic applicator solutions for application systems used in the cosmetic, beauty and healthcare market segments.
  • The core expertise of GEKA lies in fluid handling and application: putting the right quantity of bulk or liquid on a small surface in a repeatable way, using its unique MBA™ microbristle technology for healthcare applications.  

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