MIXPAC™ S-System

A highly flexible dental system for intra- and extra-oral care

This outstanding application system opens up new opportunities for intraoral and extraoral applications. The diverse, high-quality portfolio offers high flexibility in formulating customers materials.

MIXPAC™ S-System
Customer benefits
  • Safe, easy and clean operation
  • No cross-contamination
  • Multiple use
  • Precise dosing – accurate application
  • Also suitable for high-viscosity materials
  • High long-term stability
  • Optimal mixer for each two-component dental material
  • Little user effort required
  • Fatigue-free operation
S-System advantages
  • Separate outlets
  • Coded closure cap
  • Pressure-resistant design
  • Wide range of mixers
  • Complete system

All components of the MIXPAC™ S-System are compatible and proved over 20 years in the Dental industry. Tested products for ideal mixing results, clean room production for a high standard of hygiene and reliable technical solutions offer a high user comfort.

The Sulzer Mixpac application system consists of a dispenser, a cartridge with separate cylinders, pistons, a cap and a mixer which can be selected according to the formulation of the material.

S-Syste Mixers
The shape and colors (yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown) of the mixing tips are protected by U.S. trademark registrations. The orange color element of the mixing tip is a brand of Sulzer Mixpac.

MIXPAC™ - The original

To be 100% sure that you are working with a premium product, check the tips for the MIXPAC™ brand.

S-System Dispenser
Elegant, innovative design, Medical look-and-feel, optimal results in functional and aesthetic aspects, simplified workflow, outstanding ergonomic, self explaining and fatigue-free handling, various customizing options

MIXPAC™ S-Dispenser II

The MIXPAC™ S-Dispenser II with its aesthetic-elegant design is a precise and easy-to-use instrument which makes it a selfexplanatory article of daily use.

MIXPAC™ Cartridges S-System


MIXPAC™ cartridges

Completely separated cylinders reduce undesirable diffusion between the two materials. This improves the storage stability of the fi lled products and maintains their quality. The black cartridges are particulary suitable for light sensitive materials.

Volumes 18 ml 25 ml 30 ml 50 ml 75 ml
Ratios 1:1 2:1 4:1 10:1
Colors white black
Material PP PBT
Pistons O-Ring pistons Lip pistons

S-System Mischermatrix


MIXPAC™ mixers for S-System

The MIXPAC™ portfolio consists of mixers with different diameters, numbers of mixing elements and shapes for the different requirements.

With the helix static mixing method the established and proved MIXPAC™ S-Mixer achieves an excellent and steady mixing quality.

The MIXPAC™ T-Mixer with the new mixing technology reduces waste material, provides an even more homogeneous mixing result and opens up oportunities in developing more complex materials. 

With the flexible needle the Colibri™ is ideal for precise intraoral placement of automixed materials such as dual-core composites, silicones and resin cements.

Ø (mm) 3.2 4.2 5.4 7.5 6.5
Elements 16 - - 12 14
Interface D-Type (for intraoral tips) S-Type





Light-sensitive materials

Endodontics New Technology (T)

Independent research group awards MIXPAC™ T-Mixer highest tatings

The independent US research institute, the Clinicians Report Foundation®, tested the MIXPAC™ T-Mixer in the 2nd quarter 2015 and gave it the highest ratings. In particular, the experts highlighted the reduction in material waste while maintaining  consistent mixing quality versus conventional products.

Mixpac™ - Intra Oral Tip (IOT)


MIXPAC™ - intra oral tip (IOT)

  • Look for the yellow color and shape for genuine products from Sulzer MIXPAC™
  • TM notice: The shape and color of the nozzle is a trademark of Sulzer MIXPAC™

Colored cartridges

Candy ColorsTM

The Swiss original stands for innovation in application. For system solutions which lead in precision, safety and compatibility to provide maximum efficiency. Six colors distinguish the color look – our Candy ColorsTM (yellow, teal, blue, pink, brown and purple). Mixpac‘s six brand values characterize premium quality.

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