Counterfeit warning

Dentists beware of counterfeit items

Copiers in China and Korea are selling counterfeit mixing tips. Not only do they violate Sulzer’s intellectual property rights, but they can produce incomplete mixing, resulting in a failed procedure. Worse yet, they are made under unknown cleanliness conditions with unknown plastics and colors.

Mixpac dome

MIXPAC™ mixing tips have used a unique trademark dome shape and six trademark candy colors - yellow, teal, blue, pink, purple and brown. MIXPAC mixing tips are protected by several U. S. trademarks and patents. These mixing tips are highly effective and are made of only top quality materials. Manufactured in a modern robotic factory in Switzerland under clean room conditions, MIXPAC mixing tips are engineered to completely and consistently mix dental compositions for proper results.

Counterfeit mixing tips look very similar to MIXPAC mixing tips - they copy the dome shape and colors. The original mixing tips can be easily identified by the MIXPAC brand stamped on the top edge (see image below). Counterfeit mixing tips are made in China or Korea and do not include the stamp.

When possible, we reach out to warn and to help you identify genuine MIXPAC mixing tips. We are confident a well informed dentist would not risk their hard earned reputation or their patient’s health by using counterfeit mixing tips.

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