MIXPAC™ Colibri™ family

Makes it easy to be flexible

The rotating and bendable tip of the Colibri allows flexible, highly precise discharging, even in hard-to-access places. The bendable metal tip makes a large number of applications simply more convenient and efficient.

Dental Mixer Colibr™ family with Colibri™ brown and T-Mixer Colibri Plus Breakable green with colibri bird icon
Customer benefits
  • Ergonomic access to areas which are difficult to reach
  • Constant flow of material even when the cannula is bent
  • No additional intraoral tip required
  • Saves time
  • Safe application in the root canal and at the sulcus without risk of injury
Product advantages
  • 360° rotatable and bendable 
  • Integrated cannula
  • Smoothly rounded stainless steel cannula
  • State of the art mixing technology bringing homogenous mixing results
  • Up to 40% less material waste
T-Mixer™ Colibri™ Plus Breakable

T-Mixer™ Colibri™ Plus Breakable

In comparison to conventional mixing tips, the innovative design of the Mixpac T-Mixer Colibri Plus Breakable simplifies operative procedures by reducing the number of application steps in the workflow.  The versatile bendable integrated stainless-steel cannula allows the user to customize the position of the tip for different clinical situations. This mixing tip also provides easy, precise and safe application thanks to its ergonomic handling. 


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T-Mixer Colibri

T-Mixer™ Colibri™

for 2.5 to 10 ml Systems
  • reconstruction with root post
  • core build-up
  • cementation of root post and post core
  • bulk filling
  • base/liner
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