Healthcare applicator systems

We are a leading supplier of mixing and application systems for the global medical device industry. We make it look easy to respond to clinical challenges by developing unique, efficient and user-friendly delivery systems for biomaterials. Safety, hygiene, precision and maximum reliability when in operation are the key factors we strive for with all our solutions.

Dentist with a face mask

The Swiss company Sulzer Mixpac stands for "Innovation in Application"

Sulzer offers a broad range of OEM products and services that allow you to reduce time to market and to keep investment low.

  • We enjoy partnering with medical device teams around the world to develop innovative customer specific solutions.
  • With our in-depth understanding of the needs in the medical device industry, we provide unparalleled knowledge for the storage and delivery of complex biomaterials.
  • We support your submission or product registration with valuable documentation to getting product to the market faster.

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