Construction mixing systems and dispensers

Sulzer offers systems for metering and mixing of 2-component materials used for construction applications such as anchoring and coating of steel constructions. We offer cartridges in various sizes and technologies, as well as mixers for most construction applications.

Construction worker with a MIXPAC DB 2-K system

Progressive technologies are the hallmark of Sulzer Mixpac 2-component systems for the construction industry. Our unique pistons and mixers are cutting-edge: 

  • Vented pistons guarantee filling of both 2-component materials at maximum speed without air bubbles
  • QUADRO™ mixers deliver maximum mixing performance with a minimal loss of pressure

The use of the correct mixing and metering system is critical, especially in the case of 2-component mixing systems. The shelf life of the two components, the user-friendly application and, above all, the quality of bonding depend on it.

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