Global standard for oral anaesthetics

Giving pain management a longer shelf-life

Beutlich® Pharmaceuticals LLC has been developing pain management and prevention solutions since 1954. Their flagship product, HurriCaine ONE, is the only orally administered anaesthetic spray in the world. Sulzer Mixpac collaborated with these leaders in medical innovation to develop the accompanying packaging and application for HurriCaine, in the form of our MIXPAC™ BarrelDose Spray. As part of the award-winning modular Barrel System, the MIXPAC BarrelDose Spray now sets a global standard for oral anaesthetics.

Drawing of a head with a barrel dose spray in the mouth

A medical marvel with a logistical challenge

Before Sulzer developed the MIXPAC BarrelDose Spray, Beutlich Pharmaceuticals had developed a revolutionary product: an anaesthetic in spray form. Used to alleviate pain and further infection, this spray has benefited millions of patients worldwide. The oral anaesthetic solution offers a controlled dose of medicine as well as protection against uncontrolled loss of liquid and contamination. It is easy to use, and the controlled droplet sizes guarantees safe application, too. The only challenge for Beutlich was in production and storage. The shelf-life of the ingredients in HurriCaine ONE was dependent on the shelf-life of the applicator. As the applicator had to be compatible with the medicine, it needed to be filled and assembled at the same location. These two very different processes of filling and application assembly created logistical difficulties.

BarrelDose System
The Mixpac™ BarrelDose System contains various spray heads

Separating components to bring solutions together

When Sulzer was consulted for a solution, we concluded the best way around the problem was to make the applicator and medicine container separate. The MIXPAC BarrelDose Spray is designed to store both components separately. By using different optimized materials for the container and the applicator, the shelf-life of HurriCaine ONE was no longer dependent on the shelf-life of the applicator itself. The sensitive ingredients of the medicine were protected in a pre-filled COC container, made of unbreakable glass-equivalent strength, sterilisable, with a multi-layer sealing foil. The device itself was made of recyclable materials. Separating components eliminated the need to fill and package the applicator in the same location, reducing manufacturing costs and increasing shelf life by up to 200%.

Separating components eliminated the need to fill and package the applicator in the same location, reducing manufacturing costs and increasing shelf life by up to 200%.

Our unique 4-in-1 modular solution

Sulzer’s MIXPAC BarrelDose Spray offers a modular system, allowing for four different applicators. With easy handling options, HurriCaine ONE can now be administered as a spray, scraper, brush, or drops. This enables healthcare professionals to meet multiple medical challenges. Indeed, this solution is designed to meet pharmaceutical, medical, and veterinary challenges. Such versatility also facilitates life-cycle adjustments on the applicator and accommodates new product launches.

Reassuring patients and medical professionals alike

This pre-filled, accurate dose dispensing solution reassures patients and healthcare professionals of their safety when using the MIXPAC BarrelDose Spray. Single and multi-dose applications are possible where needed. The droplet size is controlled as it is dispensed with no dripping before or after treatment. For insurance purposes, the possibility to bill one single device to individual patients creates administrative ease. The single-use device is also easily traceable in cases of infection control. Such ease of use allows healthcare professionals to fully focus on the wellbeing of their patients whilst administering our simple solution.
A longer shelf-life, infection control, safe and easy handling has benefitted all of our customers. Erlene Thomas, CEO Beutlich Pharmaceuticals
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