An efficient replacement solution

Time for change

When pumping station equipment gets older the risk of breakdowns and disruptions increases, switching out your old pumps to submersible sewage pump type ABS XFP’s is easy with the Sulzer adapter bracket which fits to the existing guiderail. Also learn how easy it is to replace your old mixers and blowers.

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An efficient pump replacement solution

See our efficient pump replacement solution for wastewater pumping stations.
It's time for change!

With the Sulzer replacement solution you get:

  • Excellent rag handling with Contrablock Plus impellers
  • Lower maintenance costs and long-term reliability
  • Lower energy consumption and reduced CO2 footprint
  • Easy switch out for existing product

And always backed by the Sulzer assurance of quality and dependability.

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XRW submersible mixers

An efficient mixer replacement solution

It's time for change! With the XRW submersible mixers you get:

  • Outstanding life-cycle economy
  • Superior reliability and long operating life
  • Trouble free mixing solutions for municipal wastewater

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HST Turbocompressors

An efficient blower replacement solution

It's time for change! With the HST™ turbocompressors you get:

  • Energy savings compared to your existing blower
  • The most reliable direct drive high speed turbocompressor on the market
  • Reliable operation with proven magnetic bearing technology
  • Greatly reduced need for maintenance
  • Low noise design
  • No oil, water or other liquids inside

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