Energy savings with HST™ turbocompressor

36 hours to better efficiency

Facing a blower breakdown? Relax.

We can have a value-added replacement on its way in 36 hours. At Sulzer we understand the challenges of wastewater treatment. A single blower failure puts your whole treatment result at risk. Which is why we have set up a fast-track-process.

36 Hours to better efficiency

36 hours to better efficiency - HST™ turbocompressor

When you order today, Sulzer can ship you a turbocompressor to replace your failed unit within 36 hours*.

*Applicable for selected versions of  ABS HST20 and HST 2500 turbocompressors, which are ready to be dispatched from our factory in less than 36 hours (on weekdays).


Back in operation; more efficient than before

Replacing your failed blower with a HST™ turbocompressor delivers immediate benefits such as:

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Very quiet operation
  • Lowest cost of maintenance

With the HST turbocompressor you save up to 50% on energy costs. Under the right conditions, it pays for itself in 2 years. It needs very little maintenance. You enjoy better reliability with a lower total cost of operation. Your plant becomes more efficient and future-proof. The compressor contains no oil or other liquids that can pollute its surroundings. You contribute to a better environment by reducing the treatment plant’s carbon footprint.

But why wait for your blower to fail before you reap the benefits. 

You know that as your equipment gets older, it costs more to run and there’s always the risk of breakdowns and disruptions. Replacing your old displacement blower or compressor with a brand new HST turbocompressor makes so much more sense.

Just 36 hours to more savings

The old blower consumes a large percentage of the total energy used by your plant. The HST turbocompressor can cut your aeration energy bill by up to 50%.

Just 36 hours to care-free operation

The HST turbocompressor is close to maintenance free. Which means that it is up and running – not down and costing money.

Just 36 hours to a better plant environment

The HST turbocompressor is very quiet and contains no oil or liquids that can pollute the surroundings.

Just 36 hours to a simpler life

Switch to the HST turbocompressor and experience what hundreds of plant operators have already experienced – peace of mind.

Order now

Order now and you can have a replacement compressor on its way in 36 hours; start saving up to 50% energy.

*Applicable for selected versions of  ABS HST20 and HST 2500 turbocompressors, which are ready to be dispatched from our factory in less than 36 hours (on weekdays).


The standard datasheets and brochures for the HST 2500 and HST 20 listed under the Documents tab can also be used as guidance for the fast track mode of delivery. Please note the following major differences:

 1) The HST 2500-2 products are not available for fast track delivery
 2) All fast track products have a maximum input voltage of 500 V
 3) The fast track products are available as CE-marked versions only


36 Hours to Better Efficiency Team


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