Sulzer Technical Review Issue 5 / 2018

Materials of the future

December 19, 2018

Material innovation can lead to market success of a product. That’s why Sulzer’s material specialists investigate and check materials, coatings, and material treatments to improve our products and production processes. Sulzer has broad experience in many different manufacturing processes and uses a wide variety of them. Our engineers analyze, assess and test thoroughly all new materials and production methods before they are used in full-scale production and different areas. Read about the advantages of hot isostatic pressing (HIPing) of casted impellers used in water-injection subsea pumps and not easy to exchange. To increase corrosion resistance, Sulzer implemented a carbon-fiber-composite material for separation columns. Even for repairs, Sulzer makes use of the know-how of material specialists to improve the longevity of refurbished turbines. Special plastic materials and processes are used to produce dental syringes which are filled with biocompatible bone material.

Metal surface structure