Sulzer Technical Review Issue 3 / 2018

Digital insights

July 26, 2018

Speeding up processes is the key to success and industrial agility. That is why most of the industries are in the midst of digital transformation. For all customers using pumps in their processes, Sulzer has developed a smart tool to make use of their operational pump data. The BLUE BOX™ software can process data from all pump manufacturers, not only Sulzer pumps. The main principle of the BLUE BOX tool is easy to explain: acquire data, analyze data, act on digital insights. We call it the “AAA principle.” By using BLUE BOX, customers can improve their operations and carry out better, targeted maintenance. The faster reaction times result in remarkable reliability and efficiency increases along with substantial energy and cost savings. We also like to share our own experiences with digital transformation in our factories. Read how we gained speed and increased our productivity remarkably for our injection-molding machines around the globe.

Person with VR googles and tray in background