Sulzer Technical Review Issue 2 / 2019

Eco-friendly engineering

April 28, 2019

We offer innovative process solutions, groundbreaking equipment and swift repair services to improve the ecological footprint of our customers. The focus on eco-friendly products and solutions has been driving our R&D engineers, business development and strategy managers for over a decade. For instance, we delivered equipment for a pyrolysis plant in Finland to produce bio-oils from wood waste. We are currently engineering the world largest bioethanol purification plant where carbon-rich gaseous wastes are converted into bioethanol. These bio-fuels can be used as replacements of fossil fuels, and they contribute directly to a significant reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. We also focus on optimizing plastics recycling processes and using renewable raw materials, such as sugar and starches, to produce bio-plastics. Our polylactic acid technology has already enabled the production of thousands of tons of biodegradable plastics with the lowest environmental impact. Additionally, we look to reduce waste, for example, with our new collapsible cartridge developed for two components adhesives. You’ll be impressed by how much plastic and waste the construction industry saves with our solution. Everyone can contribute to reducing global ecological impact by using goods that are made from renewable raw materials, that are produced in an eco-friendly way and that can be easily reused, repaired or recycled.

Green lines and a star as symbol for ecofriendly