Sulzer Introduces Innovative Mixing Tip with Bendable Cannula

Lançamentos de negóciossegunda-feira, 28 de Novembro de 2016

Sulzer will introduce the innovative MIXPAC T-Mixer Colibri™ with bendable cannula at the Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM). It enables homogeneous, safe mixing of multi-component dental material and delivers significant savings of up to 40%.

Sulzer Mixpac, a business unit of Sulzer, will launch a new product at GNYDM 2016: the T-Mixer Colibri, featuring an integrated 360° rotatable and bendable cannula for precise application of costly multi-component materials. The product was specifically designed for precision impression, root canal filling, and cementation. "The economical T-Mixer Colibri™ ingeniously combines two of our most successful products. It couples the reliability of the T-Mixer™’s geometry with all the advantages of our bendable Colibri™. The mixing tip allows for an ergonomic posture and highly professional work, even when treating difficult to reach areas, so changes to the working environment are not necessary. The result is a consistent, homogenous application — even when bent — thanks to the stainless steel medical cannula’s uniform internal diameter," explains Martina Strasser, Sulzer Mixpac’s Global Head of Sales Healthcare.

Up to 40% less material

Compared to helix mixing tips, the T-Mixer Colibri uses up to 40% less material due to advanced technology and its compact, shorter design. The T-Mixer has received multiple awards from the publications Dental Advisor and Clinicians Report. The T-Mixer Colibri is compatible with all 2.5-10ml MIXPAC™ cartridges. Sulzer’s static mixing tips have built an excellent international reputation thanks to the innovative Swiss manufacturer's technological leadership. In 2015, it produced two billion plastic components such as applicator tips, mixing tips, cartridges, and dispensing devices for single- and multi-component materials. Sulzer has also registered further successes in its battle against producers of imitation products.

Promoting quality

Sulzer is on the offensive against imitation products — for the good of patients and dentists. "Thanks to our information campaign, dentists and procurement professionals are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers and negative consequences of copycat products. It is not just about patient safety — for a dentist it is not worth putting your reputation on the line for the sake of a small cost saving," explains Martina Strasser. According to a court order obtained by Sulzer, some of the colored mixing tips exhibited by DXM Co. Ltd. and Dentazon Corp. at GNYDM infringe Sulzer’s trademark rights. A new product label in Sulzer’s candy colors now makes genuine products easier to identify.

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