Welcome to Sulzer Pumps internet based pump selection program, Sulzer Select

Sulzer Select allows customers to make quick, accurate pump selections and to produce PDF output of the performance curve and data. 

Sulzer Select is an internet based program and does not require any special software to be loaded onto the users computer, though Sulzer Select requires an Internet Explorer Version 6 or higher. 

Pump selections can be made by inputting specific operating conditions or by selecting specific pump sizes. 

Sulzer Select is a powerful tool but cannot include all hydraulics that SulzerPumps can offer.  If your specific conditions cannot be met by Sulzer Select please contact your local sales office for application assistance.

Notes for new users
After initial registration you will be asked to complete a brief form before your username and password are e-mailed to you. Please use your business address and details. By default, the system will decline your application if you are using private or public email accounts (like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc).

You will receive an e-mail confirming the activation of your login. This e-mail may be diverted to your junk folder depending on the settings of your mail system. If you do not receive the mail please check your junk mail before requesting assistance. 

Please remember to give your new account time to set up before logging in. It could last up to 48 hours until your request gets approved.

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