Are you looking for your first work experience as part of your studies? Have you graduated from college or school, and are eager to start working? Apply for an apprenticeship with Sulzer to jump-start your career with one of the most successful companies in the industry.


We provide interesting work experience in the fields of engineering, science, and  business administration. Our apprenticeship programs around the world ensure that your experience at Sulzer provides significant value both for your own professional development and for the success of the organization. As always at Sulzer, the program is practically oriented and you will be learning on the job. Our aim is that you will be able to create your own internal network by interacting with colleagues globally. 

Find out about our apprenticeship programs around the world:  


Winterthur: Together into the future - your apprenticeship at Sulzer (DE)

Haag: Together into the future - your apprenticeship at Sulzer (DE)


Bruchsal: Apprenticeship training position - dual studies at Sulzer (DE)

Other countries

UK: Be the best, Train with the best: A Sulzer Apprenticeship (EN)

Indonesia: Sulzer apprenticeships program - your stepping stone for bright future (EN)

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