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Online Coil Ordering

Order coils, commutatiors or sliprings online according to your specifications.

Pumps and Systems


ABSEL is an internet-based software tool that allows users to select pumps for the wastewater industry. 

With ABSEL, you can select specific pumps by configuring the application area, pump series and duty point using the “Hydraulic Selection” function. Alternatively, you can navigate through our pump offering by using the “Pump Browser”.


This service allows customers to access  product documentation of the Sulzer Pumps, including product manuals, drawings, curves etc.

Retrofit Solution Finder

Retrofitting your critical pump assets with the latest technology will maximize performance, minimize costs, and improve reliability.

Retrofit App The Retrofit Application is another way to discover the Sulzer world of Retrofit through a user-friendly interface. It features customer benefits, case studies, a solution finder tool and much more. The Retrofit App provides an overview of our Retrofit capabilities and includes examples of successful projects. Fill in the registration form and download the Windows version.

Sulzer Select

Sulzer Select allows customers to make quick, accurate pump selections based on operating conditions or specific pump sizes and to get performance curves and data. Former ABS wastewater pumps are not yet supported.

Wastewater and Dewatering Document Finder

The Wastewater and Dewatering Document Finder allows easy access  to various wastewater product documentations (brochure, technical data sheet, dimension drawings, manuals and instructions, spare parts) in various languages.

Separation Technology


Sulzer Design Program for Structured and Random Packings, and Trays


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