Sulcol™ 3.2 for Windows

SULCOL™ - Sulzer Design Program for Structured and Random Packings, and Trays


SULCOL™ 3.2 is the next development step in our endeavour to provide state-of-the-art tools for the design of mass transfer columns to our customers.

What is new in SULCOL™ 3.2?

  • Fully Windows 8 compatible
  • New tray type UFM™
  • Rating possibility for UFMPlus™ and VGPlus™ trays
  • New random packing I-Ring™ #60
  • Various random packing types in plastic
  • New hybrid gauze packing AYPlus™ DC
  • New gauze packing CYPlus™
  • Adjusted product portfolio


Structured and random packing hydraulic design and rating

  • Default packing efficiency based on standard organic test mixtures
  • Efficiency calculation may be suppressed
  • Graphical capacity diagram with operating points

Tray hydraulic design and rating

  • Fixed and movable valves
  • One pass and multipass tray design
  • Conventional downcomer design
  • High performance tray rating
  • Description of Sulzer tray portfolio including SHELL tray technology

Import input data from

  • PRO II (Simulation Science Ltd)
  • ASPENPLUS (Aspen Tech Ltd)
  • Excel-File (Sulcol Format)

To apply for a one-time download of SULCOL, click here.

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