Sulzer vessel resection activity

Welding Services

Over the past forty years, we have built up a comprehensive portfolio of welding certifications, enabling us to provide an extensive range of welding services including modifications and repairs, sectional replacements, field and workshop fabrication of vessels, and corrosion protection solutions.

Products & Services

Minimizing your downtime

Our experience ensures that major vessel and exchanger modifications are completed safely, on time, and to the correct quality. 

  • Complete solution approach 
  • Removal of interfaces and delays with other contractors 
  • Less administration for clients

Wide range of materials including: 

  • Carbon steels, 
  • Stainless steels, and 
  • High alloys

Quality assurance

We operate a quality management system that is certified to ISO9001 globally and the ASME®/NBIC certification for manufacture, repairs and alterations to support our activities: 

  • Welding procedures and welders certified to ASME and European standards 
  • ASME® ‘S’ and ‘U’ certified 
  • National Board ‘R’ certified 
  • ISO 9001 certified
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