KnitMesh™ Wire Mesh Mist Eliminators

Our KnitMesh™ mist eliminators have an excellent track record as a low cost, highly versatile and efficient method of removing liquid entrainment from gas streams. They can be used for a broad range of gas/liquid separation problems, and can be easily tailored to suit most vessel shapes and sizes.


Key characteristics

  • Manufactured as a knitted wire mesh packing 
  • Can be easily tailor-made to suit most vessel shapes and sizes 
  • Cost effective and versatile solution for most mist elimination applications

Efficient functionality

Sulzer KnitMesh™ wire mesh mist eliminators are produced as a bed of knitted mesh that presents a tortuous path and large surface area to the droplets entrained in the gas stream. Separation is achieved by impingement on, and capture by, the filaments of the mesh where the droplets coalesce and drain.

Standard designs are available for routine applications, providing excellent separation efficiency down to droplet sizes as small as 2 μm, and with a pressure drop typically less than 2.5 mbar.

Broad range of applications 

  • Scrubbing systems and absorbers 
  • Evaporators 
  • Steam drums 
  • Knock-out pots

Easy and flexible installation

Installation can be performed in several ways, but the gas flow is usually either vertically upwards, with the liquid draining counter current to the gas flow, or horizontal, with the liquid draining in a direction perpendicular to the gas flow.

Most KnitMesh™ wire mesh mist eliminators are supplied complete with rigid support grids, which allow direct installation onto appropriate supports such as beams and rings within the vessel. Sectional installation allows ease of handling and access through vessel man ways. Accessories such as tie wire, bolting, clamps and support beams can be supplied where necessary.

Vertical and horizontal installation of mist eliminator for gas/liquid separation

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