Sulzer’s pervaporation unit for the dehydration of ethanol for pharmaceutical applications


Whether you have a binary or a complex mixture with close-boiling substances and multiple azeotropes, we will help you to find the most appropriate solution. Benefit from our many years of experience in pervaporation technology and our extensive portfolio of different membranes.

Products & Services

Features of our pervaporation technology 

  • Selective removal of water and methanol from low volatile organic solvents 
  • Low energy demand 
  • Continuous process, no regeneration cycles necessary 
  • No entrainer required, no contamination of products 
  • Simplification of conventional distillation processes 
  • Operates beyond vapor/liquid equilibria 
  • Feed as liquid or saturated vapor stream 
  • Extensive portfolio of polymeric and inorganic membranes for hydrophilic and organophilic applications

Main applications 

  • Removal of water or methanol from solvent mixtures 
  • Splitting of azeotropes and final dehydration 
  • Removal of aroma components from aqueous streams 

Bench top system for pervaporation, possibly in combination with vapor permeation testing
Pervaporation and vapor permeation systems operate from a few kilograms up to tons per hour and are used to remove

  • Water from (mixtures of) ethanol, propanols, butanols, acetates, THF, MTBE, 1,4-dioxane, acetone, MEK, MIBK, amongst others
  • Methanol from (methyl) acetate, trimethyl borate, acetone, THF, MTBE, amongst others 

Pervaporation membranes

Bench and pilot test – your lab or ours?

Most applications can be evaluated based on our extensive experience. New applications require the following tests: 

  • Bench tests to determine feasibility, select membrane, and determine flux and selectivity 
  • Pilot tests for special applications to demonstrate process and optimize operating parameters 
  • Bench and pilot test units are also available as rental units

Benefit from our experience of more than 150 executed pervaporation projects. We support you in the elaboration of an initial separation concept. We run it in our test centers and execute your project with guaranteed plant performance.

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