Shell Schoepentoeter™ and Schoepentoeter Plus™

The Schoepentoeter™ is a proprietary Shell vane type inlet device that is used to introduce gas/liquid mixtures into a vessel or column.
The Schoepentoeter Plus™ is an advanced vane feed inlet device with significantly improved de-entrainment efficiency.



The purpose of a Schoepentoeter™ and Schoepentoeter Plus™ is to decrease the momentum of the feed, perform a first stage separation of solids and liquid from the vapor, and achieve an even vapor distribution across the vessel cross section. This is obtained by splitting the feed mixture into a series of flat jets.

CFD of Shell Schoepentoeter

Shell Schoepentoeter™

The Schoepentoeter Plus™ is equipped with sophisticated catching rims to minimize re-entrainment.

Shell Schoepentoeter Plus™ with sophisticated catching rims

Example of liquid removal efficiency of different gas inlet devices


The Shell Schoepentoeter™ and Schoepentoeter Plus™ inlet devices achieve a considerable reduction of the vessel height and inlet nozzle sizes compared to conventional inlet devices, and are suitable for installation in horizontal or vertical separators.

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