Suspension Crystallization

Besides static and falling film, suspension crystallization is an industrially used melt crystallization technology. The specific advantages of this technology include a compact layout, high purity in one step, low energy consumption, and low installation costs.



The advantages of suspension crystallization must be balanced against a higher mechanical complexity when compared with the layer technologies.

The process can be divided in two blocks.

  • Crystallization: production of the crystals
    This block consists of at least one scraped surface crystallizer for removal of the crystallization heat, and a growth vessel where the produced crystals have time to grow to a separable size. 
  • Separation: separation of the crystals from the mother liquor
    This block consists of at least one wash column with peripherals such as a melt loop with a heat exchanger to melt the crystals.

For certain applications, delivery of a skid-mounted unit may be an option.

Process flow diagram

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