Other Conventional Trays

The following trays complete the portfolio of conventional trays, and include any kind of special trays you may request.


Sieve trays

  • Low cost tray where high turndown is not required 
  • All common sieve trays designs are available, including small holes for improved vapor capacity, and venturi holes for low pressure drop

Bubble cap trays

  • For low liquid loads and very high turndown ratios 
  • Three sizes available: 3” and 4” caps, 6” slotted caps

Standard bubble cap and slotted bubble cap

Cartridge trays

  • Typically used in flanged columns where the tower diameter does not allow the passage of a person 
  • Trays are available with all types of decks and various downcomer designs

Dual flow trays 

  • Perforated trays without downcomer 
  • Suitable in highly fouling services where tray efficiency is not a concern

Dual flow trays

Additionally Sulzer offers any kind of trays that you may require, e.g. baffle, shower deck, disc and donut, orbit or horse shoe trays.

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