Floating Valves

Floating valve trays are used in applications where higher turndown ratios are required. Due to their ability to control vapor flow, they provide a higher efficiency over a wider operating range than sieve trays. We can provide our proprietary BDH™ valve and conventional round valve trays.


BDH™ valve

  • Unique rectangular-shaped valves 
  • Valves oriented parallel to liquid flow direction 
  • No liquid flow under valves 
  • Minimized weeping due to lateral vapor release 
  • Improved turndown ratio compared to round valves 
  • Improved efficiency/capacity profile compared to conventional round valve trays 
  • Wide legs and lack of valve rotation reduce damage and wear 
  • Design allows for top side valve replacement 
  • Available range of valve lifts and weight allow for optimal design

Round valve

  • Available for replacement or as per customer specification 
  • Two deck variations: RV1 with flat deck and RV4 with venturi hole for lower pressure drop

RV1 round valve

Other valves are available for replacement or upon request: BDP valve, snap-in valve, caged valve

Caged valve

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