Fixed Valves: V-Grid Trays

The V-Grid tray technology utilizes a fixed valve and combines the attributes of sieve and float valve trays. The tapered, rectangular valves are formed out of the tray deck and are oriented parallel to the liquid flow, thus providing unique advantages compared to traditional sieve trays.


V-Grid trays

Main benefits

  • Lower froth height, less entrainment due to lateral vapor release 
  • Increased capacity and improved turndown compared to sieve trays 
  • High efficiency over a wide operating range through improved vapor-liquid contact 
  • Superior mechanical strength due to increased stiffness of tray deck, no moving parts and therefore no wear 
  • Excellent fouling resistance

Key characteristics

  •  V-Grid tray technology utilizes a fixed valve 
  • Tapered, rectangular valves are formed out of the tray deck 
  • Orientation of valves parallel to liquid flow 
  • Lateral vapor release through valves

Smaller valves provide more capacity than larger ones due to reduced pressure drop and entrainment rate. To meet your requirements, we offer the following standard sizes: SVG, MVG and MMVG. The largest older type LVG is only available for replacement.

Advantages of V-Grid trays

SVG trays

  • Largest lateral openings available 
  • Exiting vapor cleans the tray deck 
  • Excellent performance in fouling services

SVG fouling resistant trays

XVG trays

  • Extra large size type of valve 
  • Excellent performance in severe fouling services

XVG fouling resistant trays

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