SJD (API) Vertically Suspended Process Pumps

The SJD (API) are ISO 13709/API 610 Type VS1 and VS6 pumps whose design has evolved from many years of experience. They utilize Sulzer's low Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) 1st stage, followed by unique high head per stage series hydraulics, to minimize the number of stages required.


Main benefits

  • Reduced number of stages results in shorter, more reliable pumps
  • Double suction on larger sizes can reduce pump length
  • High efficiency with reduced power consumption
  • Modular construction to fit project nozzle location requirements
  • High head per stage means process conditions can be reached with slower speeds

Main applications

  • Shipping of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
  • Tank farm booster
  • Crude oil pipeline booster
  • Debutanizer/depropanizer services in cryogenic gas plants

Main design features

  • Cast discharge heads for lower cost
  • Fabricated discharge heads for project-related nozzle location requirements
  • Fabricated suction cans with anti-vortexing features
  • Thrust bearing in pump or motor to meet project specifications

Key characteristics


Up to 3,800 m3/h / 20,000 US gpm


Up to 700 m / 3,000 ft


Up to 75 bar / 1,100 psi


Up to 205 °C / 400 °F

Discharge sizes

Up to 500 mm / 20 inches

Maximum speed of rotation

Up to 3,600 rpm

Performance range

Performance range 50 Hz

SJD (API) performance range 50 HzClick to zoom

Performance range 60 Hz

SJD (API) performance range 60 HzClick to zoom


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