Sulzer SNS Pump – Designed for the Highest Energy Efficiency

Sulzer's revolutionary SNS pump range, designed to raise the game when it comes to efficiency.


Modern industry demands more energy efficient solutions so we’ve broken the conventions in the name of efficiency. Sulzer’s new SNS pump range has been designed to exceed the highest energy efficiency regulations across all industries and also the design requirements of the ISO 5199 international standard. The innovative design makes the pump more reliable while significantly reducing total cost of ownership.

Efficiency without compromise

The SNS process pump contains many highly innovative features making it the most efficient pump on the process pump market. Here are just some of the key benefits:

  • A greater hydraulic power to increase flow and provide a higher head than conventional pumps
  • Minimized energy consumption due to high efficiency - breaking all records by exceeding the minimum efficiency index (MEI) ≥ 0.70 as the indicative benchmark for the best available technology on the market for water pumps 
  • State-of-the art hydraulics with low Net Positive Suction Head required (NPSHr)
  • Reliable integrated patent pending Sulzer mechanical seals for trouble free shaft sealing
  • Heavy duty, rigid and compact bearing units with long bearing life and leakage free construction
  • Lower total cost of ownership thanks to higher hydraulic power, low energy consumption, trouble free Sulzer mechanical seals, heavy-duty bearings and high standardization of components


Meet our specialists at

  • Pumps & Valves, 8 – 9 January, Zürich, Switzerland
  • IFAT Eurasia, 16 – 18 February, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Riolerings Vakdagen , 21 – 23 March, Evenementenhal Corinchem, Netherland
  • Industrimässorna syd, 29 - 30 March, Malmö, Sweden
  • Pump Centre Conference, 11 May, Telford, England
  • MIAC, 11 – 13 October, Lucca, Italy
  • Chemistry , 23 - 26 October, Moscow, Russia
  • Paperex, 1 – 4 November, New Delhi, India

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