Dry Installed Sewage Pump Type ABS FR

The FR dry-installed clogless pump enables economical pumping of heavily-polluted sewage and wastewater in municipal and industrial applications. It is ideal for pumping clear water, polluted water, and heavily-polluted sewage in commercial, industrial, and municipal applications.


  • Very service-friendly due to back pull-out design using standard electrical motors
  • Ample space inside the impeller and volute, making them less prone to clogging
  • Dry running capability possible with a double seal arrangement
  • Pumps can be supplied with optional equipment where self-priming is required

Main benefits

  • No risk of motor contamination during operation
  • No need to enter into dangerous pump sumps
  • Pull-out design allows for easy removal of the motor without disconnecting the pump from the pipework
  • Used with standard IEC air-cooled motors

Main applications

  • Clear water 
  • Polluted water
  • Heavily-polluted sewage containing solids, fecal slurry, and sludge in commercial, industrial, and municipal applications

Main design features

  • Back pull-out motor design
  • Vertical or horizontal installation
  • Double mechanical seals

Key characteristics

Discharge sizes

DN 150 to DN 800



Max flow: 2,800 l/s

Max. flow: 2,800 l/s (45 970 US gpm)

Max. head: 80 m

Max. head: 120 m (393 ft)
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