Retrofit Application

The RetrofitApp™ is another way to discover the Sulzer world of Retrofit through a user-friendly interface. It features customer benefits, case studies, a solution finder tool and much more.


Retrofit gives your pump a second life—regardless of age or original manufacturer—by improving reliability, minimizing costs and adapting performance to evolving needs. Sulzer’s broad expertise, which includes advanced simulation capabilities on mechanical integrity and hydraulic design, our expertise in materials and coatings, as well as excellent proficiency in reverse engineering are the basis for successful and sustainable retrofit solutions—to the benefit of your pump operations. 
The RetrofitApp™ provides a full guide, starting from customer drivers and challenges towards retrofit solutions and includes examples of successful projects. We offer the offline version (48 MB) for Windows PC users (Windows 7 and higher). To download the Windows version please fill in the registration form below.

RetrofitApp™ Preview:

Overview Retrofit App        Your Benefits        Identify The Potential   
 Overview RetrofitApp™   Your Benefits    Identifiy The Potential   
 Retrofit Solution Finder   Case Studies    Case Study Details   
 Retrofit Solution Finder   Case Studies    Case Study Project Details   



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